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The research conducted by the Robotics, Action, and Perception team (RAP) mostly takes place within the fields of perception, sensor-based motion and sensor integration in robotics.  Contributions range from functions design and prototyping to implementation on robots and real-world evaluation.  Most of them are steered to robotics in interaction with humans (human populated scenes analysis; coordinated human-robot navigation; co-botics), or ubiquitous robotics and ambient intelligence in the vein of the ADREAM axis (data fusion from embedded and deported sensors; design of integrated communicating sensors).  Signal processing underlies many works, and is addressed per se as a separate upstream research.

The above topics are intertwined thanks to internal collaborations.  RAP has been involved in international or national projects, as well as in national or local collaborations, which often led to joint PhD supervisions.  Many studies are in connection with applications outside robotics, e.g., videosurveillance, quality control, and geolocation.  These have given rise to collaborations with industry (local VSMEs, SMEs, large groups), including many CIFRE theses.